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Our Team

Committed to Helping You

The experienced team at Healing Tree Acupuncture uses the most current and up-to-date holistic methods for treating our patients. Our staff is known for their thorough diagnoses and exceptional medical supervision to make sure you'll get the right treatment, on time.

Our Practitioner

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Dr. Jaden Kim 


Acupuncturist & Herbalist

Doctor of Science in Oriental Medicine

Eastern Calendrical Science (Bazi) Master

    Dr. Jaden Kim is an acupuncturist, herbalist, Eastern Calendrical Science (Bazi) Master and is the founder and co-owner of Healing Tree Acupuncture Clinic. He has earned a Doctor of Science in Oriental Medicine (DSOM) in September of 2018, making him one of the first to receive a clinical doctorate in the field of Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine in North America. This advanced degree program emphasizes clinical excellence in both acupuncture and traditional herbal medicine, as well as Classical Chinese language skills and how to apply principles rooted in the foundational texts of East Asian Medicine to treat modern diseases. These language skills also enable him to contribute to advanced research, and indeed, Dr. Jaden Kim has already distinguished himself within the field with his capstone project, “Causative Factor in Bazi”. This research project greatly expanded upon the current diagnostic methodology of acupuncture. This capstone project showcases his extensive training and has the potential to revolutionize the practice of acupuncture, showing how medical providers can develop more specific diagnoses and treatment plans which result in improved patient outcomes. In addition to completing his Doctorate, Dr. Jaden Kim has sought out advanced training with many of the luminaries of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. This not includes his advanced acupuncture and diagnostic training which is Jongboo Therapy with Master Jongboo Park, but also training in Master Tung Acupuncture with Dr. Young, pulse diagnosis with Brand Stickley, and advanced Oriental Medicine diagnostics with David Berkshire and Judy Worsley. These trainings have provided Dr. Jaden Kim with a level of expertise that is far greater than the average graduate of an Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program in North America, and will provide him with a firm foundation for clinical success as well the skills to perform ongoing research in the field.

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